Hi. We are Panda Love.

An Xbox clan who plays Halo 5 and Destiny.

Meet the Team

Halo 5 Destiny

Halo API Competition

We added functionality to our clan site to make it easier to submit an entry

Profile Pages

Each Spartan has a powerful profile page featuring Season history, CSR Percentile and medal/weapon counts.

Carnage Reports

Post Game Carnage Reports provide unique overviews to help digest how players played in each game.

Charts & Time lines

Charts and a time line are used to present kills over time and match events in an easier consumable format.

Who are we?

A group of friends and friends of friends.


We plan events through this site, which includes a calendar.


We aren't pro level by any means, but we don't suck either.

Enhanced Stats

We leverage the APIs that Bungie & 343 provide to build this site.